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The past 2 years we have been working on a projects, within the Angeles National Forest. Projects that our team was able to navigate through the forest without construction crews ever being shut down. This is no small task taking into consideration High Fire Danger Areas and Red Flag Days constantly occurring in California. Working together closely with CAL Fire and the Forest Service we were able keep construction of the transmission line moving forward and on schedule.

We at MERICA Consult Services, Inc. take each project and task seriously and understand what staying on schedule and completing the project on time, and within budget, does for the integrity and peace of mind of the contractor and owner. We will continue maintaining, an already incomparable relationship with the Forest Service, that honors variances to work, and stay on schedule, as this is of utmost importance for all parties involved.

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Merica Consult ServicesLLC.
27943 Seco Canyon Rd. #535
Santa Clarita Ca. 91350